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North Sails AB

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North Sails has become the world’s leading sailmaker through an ongoing commitment to superior performance, technical innovation and elevating the sailing experience for all sailors. North Sails powered customers break more world records and win more National, World and Olympic Class victories than all other sailmakers combined. North Sails is also the world’s leading manufacturer of cruising sails.

Our global sales and service network includes seven centralized manufacturing centers, 159 sales and service locations and 1500 employees worldwide. With the most knowledgeable and talented team in sailmaking, North Sails is uniquely qualified to deliver a sailing experience that is beyond the ordinary.
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  • North Sails

    North Sails . A picture from the North Sails Minden finishing floor.

  • North Sails. To produce the world's biggest sails, very large sewing machines are placed in rotating pits in the floor. Operators can then turn the pit to assist with sewing details on the sails

North Sails AB

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